Dr Rhonda Patrick and Dr Valter Longo talk about Intermittent Fasting and the Fasting-Mimicking Diet

In this discussion the two cover a vast array of topics on intermittent fasting, a field in which Dr Valter Longo is a leading expert. The video highlights a vast array of potential applications for intermittent fasting and Dr Longo’s fasting mimicking diet in treating several diseases including cancer. The video outlines how fasting mimicking diets cause the replacement of damaged cells and how fasting can reduce inflammation which is the cause of several diseases and is also a reliable biomarker for aging.

As always with Dr Rhonda Patrick’s videos there is a lot of very technical science but that’s partly why the video is so fascinating and worth watching. Her videos make the latest in nutritional research available to the public with explanations on technical jargon. Her  YouTube channel and website FoundMyFitness are well worth a look.



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