How too much medicine can kill you – The Guardian

This site has posted several articles/stories covering the same topic area which puts a negative slant on drugs as treatment. However there is mounting evidence against pharmaceutical companies and the morality in which they go about their business. Especially when there is evidence of very positive signs for nutrition based treatments/preventative measures for diseases (source 1 and 2).

Cardiologist Peter Wilmshurst points out in a talk he gave at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine last year, the drug and device industry has an ethical and legal responsibility to produce profit for their shareholders but not to sell patients and doctors the best treatment.

Peter Gøtzsche, professor of research design and analysis at the University of Copenhagen, prescription drugs are the third most common cause of death after heart disease and cancer. In an analysis published in the BMJ, he estimated that every year psychiatric drugs, including anti–depressants and dementia drugs, are responsible for half-a-million deaths in those aged over 65.

This article includes several other shocking statistics on the pharmaceutical industry and quality of care currently received.


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