Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Dr. Rhonda Patrick Talk Aging

Aging is a particular concern for a lot of people. When young health generally does not have a huge impact in your ability to complete day to day tasks and therefore does not play a huge part in quality of life. Barring horrendous injury/disease most young people can run, play sport and complete general day to days tasks unaided. However as we age these differences in health and fitness level play a much larger role in what we can do. Some 70 year olds are bed bound and can not get other of bed others can jog and play sport and live life of an activity general not that much different from when they were younger. Which is why how we age plays a key role in the quality of the latter years of our life.

Dr Aubrey de Grey and Dr Rhonda Patrick engage in discussion on the aging process and the ways that aging causes damage to cells and the ways to avoid this damage. They have differing opinions on the importance of nutrition in aging with Dr Grey disagreeing with the importance Dr Rhonda Patrick puts on nutrition. Dr Grey does however go into the future of reversing the aging process with futuristic sounding gene based treatments. Very interesting video and Dr Rhonda Patrick’s channel is worth subscribing to!

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