Insulin Resistance Not Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease – Jeffry Gerber, MD – High Intensity Health

A poignant YouTube video considering the recent revelations about how the sugar industry bribed scientists into blaming fat as the cause for heart disease. This video goes more in depth into the science of why insulin resistance is to blame rather than cholesterol. High Intensity Health then goes into prevention of heart disease and advocates a ketogenic diet as a way to prevent heart disease. High Intensity Health are big promoters of a ketogenic diet however this is not the only diet that has been proven to offer a solution. If you do want to know more about ketogenic diets and their health benefits then subscribing to High Intensity Health would be a good move. Other alternatives include a vegan diet and you can find out how a vegan diet can mitigate heart disease by subscribing to Michael Greger’s YouTube channel Nutrition Facts or his website

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