Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet has been garnering significant interest in the scientific community and has recently been brought to mainstream attention. The diet has a high fat, low protein, very low carbohydrate macro nutrient make up. Basic information on the diet can be found on the diet doctor website. The diet doctor website provides a very comprehensive guide on the basics of the diet and various benefits of the diet. More nuanced scientific information can be found from Dominic D’Agostino  (PhD) who is currently studying the effects of the ketogenic diet in helping to mitigate the effects of various diseases. Peter Attia is on a ketogenic diet and has posted the results of scientific studies on how the diet influences athletic performance. The Youtube channels of Consider This who summarizes information from the scientific community focuses heavily on the ketogenic diet. High Intensity Health also post several interviews from scientists on various aspects of the diet and the in depth science behind it.


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