How we can finally win the fight against aging – Aubrey De Grey, TED

After the popularity of the post where Dr Aubrey de Grey talked with Dr Rhonda Patrick it seemed appropriate to post another video of him talking about aging. For those that do not know Dr Grey is a biomedical gerontologist based Mountain View, California, USA, and is the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation. He received his BA in computer science and Ph.D. in biology from the University of Cambridge (he’s a very smart man). His research interests encompass the characterisation of all the accumulating and eventually pathogenic molecular and cellular side-effects of metabolism (“damage”) that constitute mammalian aging and the design of interventions to repair and/or obviate that damage.

If you are interested in aging and the current attempts within the scientific community to combat it this video is highly recommended:

The Cause of Heart Disease – Dr Rhonda Patrick

Dr Rhonda Patrick on the Joe Rogan podcast episode #672. Would recommend watching the whole interview as it is full of great information.

Key findings:

80% of cardiovascular disease is preventable by diet.

The switch from saturated fats to trans fats caused a lot of damage. Trans fats, .e.g margarine, are now band.

An in-depth explanation on cholesterol: HDL, LDL and small dense particles. Way beyond the basic science.

Lots of sciency stuff I do not want to misinterpret.

Watch the video!

Full interview:


“Keto Brain Hack” Ketogenic Diet Effects on the Brain (Dr. Perlmutter/D’Agostino) – Consider this

Research from Dr Perlmutter and Dr D’Agostino on utilization of ketones on brain function summarized in an incredibly simple yet brilliant animated video from Consider This.

The video includes the beneficial effects ketones have on the brain, brain metabolism, food that can cross the blood brain barrier and lots more.

For more information on the beneficial effects of a ketogenic diet subscribe to their channel or High Intensity Health’s.

Aspartame and the Brain – Mr Michael Greger

I know what you’re thinking, what on Earth is Aspartame? Aspartame is a sweetener commonly used a lot of diet sodas and coffee. Is this video Dr Michael Greger talks about the effects that the sweetener has on brain function and weight gain. As always with Dr Michael Gregers videos they are backed up with several studies and background information on the science and the industry. This video may finally answer the question of whether or not diet sodas healthy for you.

Is Sushi ‘Healthy’? What About Granola? Where Americans and Nutritionists Disagree – New York Times

An article from the New York Times on what is and what is not considered healthy by nutritionists. An interesting graphic is included in this article plotting how healthy nutritionists think certain foods are and how healthy the public think these foods are. The two do correlate surprisingly well meaning that the public’s nutritional knowledge is fairly accurate compared to experts. Which provides a new angle when thinking about the obesity epidemic as average people have a good of idea of what is and is not good for them but are still eating poorly and becoming obese. Of course there is also their genetics to consider which may predispose people to be more prone to putting on weight.

The graph covers a range of foods including sushi, fruit, burgers, chicken, peanut butter giving both public and expert opinions.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Dr. Rhonda Patrick Talk Aging

Aging is a particular concern for a lot of people. When young health generally does not have a huge impact in your ability to complete day to day tasks and therefore does not play a huge part in quality of life. Barring horrendous injury/disease most young people can run, play sport and complete general day to days tasks unaided. However as we age these differences in health and fitness level play a much larger role in what we can do. Some 70 year olds are bed bound and can not get other of bed others can jog and play sport and live life of an activity general not that much different from when they were younger. Which is why how we age plays a key role in the quality of the latter years of our life.

Dr Aubrey de Grey and Dr Rhonda Patrick engage in discussion on the aging process and the ways that aging causes damage to cells and the ways to avoid this damage. They have differing opinions on the importance of nutrition in aging with Dr Grey disagreeing with the importance Dr Rhonda Patrick puts on nutrition. Dr Grey does however go into the future of reversing the aging process with futuristic sounding gene based treatments. Very interesting video and Dr Rhonda Patrick’s channel is worth subscribing to!

How Milk May Contribute to Childhood Obesity – Dr Michael Greger

Important information from Michael Greger on how milk may contribute to child hood obesity. Stating that “Cow’s milk is designed to put nearly two pounds a day onto a growing calf, 40 times the growth rate of human infants”. The article explains how studies have found alarming side effects in babies to drink cows milk in adolescence due to the nutritional different between cows milk and human milk. Important information for any soon to be/new mothers

Insulin Resistance Not Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease – Jeffry Gerber, MD – High Intensity Health

A poignant YouTube video considering the recent revelations about how the sugar industry bribed scientists into blaming fat as the cause for heart disease. This video goes more in depth into the science of why insulin resistance is to blame rather than cholesterol. High Intensity Health then goes into prevention of heart disease and advocates a ketogenic diet as a way to prevent heart disease. High Intensity Health are big promoters of a ketogenic diet however this is not the only diet that has been proven to offer a solution. If you do want to know more about ketogenic diets and their health benefits then subscribing to High Intensity Health would be a good move. Other alternatives include a vegan diet and you can find out how a vegan diet can mitigate heart disease by subscribing to Michael Greger’s YouTube channel Nutrition Facts or his website

From Instagram to TV ads, what’s the science behind food porn? – The Guardian

The Guardian takes a look at the new internet phenomenon food porn and the brain’s physiological responses when confronted with this type of imagery. Also how culture has  led to rise of the food porn industry from Instagram to cookery shows and how different formats of different pictures with different foods effect us in a variety of ways. No information of any real nutritional value but an interesting site into the physiological processes behind the rise of this international internet phenomenon.

Full article below:

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