Top 5 Nutrition & Lifestyle YouTube Channels

YouTube is a wonderful thing allowing user generated content to be distributed throughout the world. It has lead to hilarious/inspiring/sad/informative content achieving a reach previously unheard of. However when looking into diets to help have a big impact on your life whether it’s loosing weight, to ease symptoms of diseases or to increase general well-being, you want this information to be credible. Below are the top 5 YouTube channels to subscribe to if you want the most reliable and interesting content.

FoundMyFitness: a YouTube channel created by Dr Rhonda Patrick where she interviews a wide variety of experts throughout the nutrition world. From experts on fasting and Psychedelic therapies to Wim Hof the iceman. Her content is interesting and very scientific with helpful definitions on each video to explain the jargon. She has taken part in several podcasts with Joe Rogan that last up to 3 hours and has garnered over 600,000 views in one video. One particular thing to note about this channel is that she is diet neutral therefore there is no bias towards her information and what she advocates.


Eric Berg: Dr Berg’s channel already has over 300,000 subscribers so you know the content is going to be great. He can post up to several videos per day in which he covers a wide variety of topics from inflammation to cognitive function. The amount of the videos is not overwhelming though as he has separated the videos into playlists so if you want to find videos on a certain topic they easily are accessible. Dr Berg is an advocate of the ketogenic diet and so a lot of his material in centred around this diet. If you are currently on the ketogenic diet or want to know more about it this channel is highly recommended.

Channel: this channel is ran by Dr Michael Greger and is similar to Eric Berg’s channel. They both post regular videos helpfully separating them out into playlists. Both Nutritionfacts and Eric Berg’s channel have more subscribers than FoundMyFitness probably because they post a lot more regularly however they only feature nutritional information whereas FoundMyFitness delves deeper into several other lifestyle related topics not just nutrition. Dr Michael Greger is also a patron of a vegan diet and so his content is pro-vegan however it is of course backed up by science. If you want to find out more about how a vegan diet could help you this channel is very helpful.

Channel: Without doubt the best source of information for Bodybuilding. Of course they and their athletes will be trying to promote their own products, the same as nutritionalists will try and promote their books and diets. The channel features many different kinds of videos such as transformation videos, workout videos, nutrition and recipes. With the wide variety of videos and how regularly they post it is no surprise they have amassed over 1.5 million followers, definitely worth a subscribe.


High Intensity Health: An underrated channel with a lot less followers than the aforementioned. High Intensity health is more like FoundMyFitness with the host Mike Mutzel M.D interviewing a range of experts specializing in different areas of nutrition. Mike is an advocate of the Ketogenic diet and so if you are following/want to know more about the ketogenic diet this channel is highly recommended. If you want to learn the in-depth science FoundMyFitness is probably better but if you do not have a vast knowledge about nutrition High Intensity Health may be better suited for you.




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