Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is already a world renown diet. The diet can be taken taken up for a variety of health benefits and ethical reasons. For a wide variety of information the website provides a wide variety of information however it does obviously have a pro vegan bias. The diet does cut out large portions of the foods that are normally consumed in most diets therefore it is important to know what supplements are need to sustain a healthy vegan diet. Dr Rhonda Patrick’s interview with Rich Roll talks a lot about the positive anti-inflammatory properties of a vegan diet but also key foods to eat whilst on a vegan diet. Credible sources on vegan diets are difficult to find due to the amount of unqualified user generated content on the internet in general regarding veganism. But Dr Gregor founder of posted a good video on Youtube about the benefits of a vegan diet. Another source of information is the TED Talk Dr Joanne Kong gave at the University of Richmond on The Power of Plant-Based Eating

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